Tricks To Get Warped Boards Flat: 3 Easy Tricks To Unwrap Warped Wood Boards

3 Easy Tricks To Unwrap Warped Wood Boards

The wooden board tends to warp when these boards are exposed to heat & moisture. Applying additive heat & moisture to the opposite side of the warp affected area can cause your wooden board to warp back into the original flat position of it, effectively “unwrapping” your piece. If you want to unwrap your wooden boards then you need to go through all the 3 given tricks to fix this type of issue. Here are all the 3 easy tricks to unwrap your wooden boards:

Trick 1: Iron

  • You need to wrap your wood but make sure to use moistened towels for this purpose. You just need to moisten 1-2 large towels and then wrap them around your wooden board, be sure that the whole warped area is covered.
  • Then you need to place your covered wood on the ironing board. Place your warped wooden board on the ironing board, other flat and hard surfaces. The raised "bubble" should become visible now.
  • Now you need to heat your iron on the highest mode. Simply turn your iron steam and then switch its temperature setting to it's highest point.
  • Next, you need to press your iron over the board warped surface. Press your iron down on one the end of your covered wood. Step by step slides it all the way over the whole warped surface, you just need to apply even pressure to the warped area of your board flat.
  • You need to repeat the process if needed. You just need to check the progress of your wooden board whether the warped problem has been corrected or not, if yes then stop here. If you still see the warping then you need to repeat the process until you see that the warp is gone from your wood.

Trick 2: Sunlight

  • Wrap your wood board in the moistened towels. You need to simply moisten a few large towels and wrap them entirely around your warped wood. You simply need to use towels, sheets, or rags. The suitable material you use then they must remain moisture and enough large to wrap around your warped wood board piece.
  • Now you need to place your wooden board in bright and direct sunlight. Simply set your wrapped wood out in any warm area where the sunlight is easily available during the day. The inwardly bent (concave) side should face down and the outwardly bent (convex) side should face up.
  • Next you need to spray with additional water according to the need. Depends on the extent of your wood boards warping, you simply need to keep your wooden board in direct sunlight for 2-4-5 days. Next, you need to spray your towels with further water all through this period to keep your wooden board moist.
  • Finally you need to dry your wooden board until the warping vanished fully. This whole process will take 2-3 days mostly depends on the damage. Make sure to monitor it on a regular basis. Once your wooden board is unwarped now you need to remove the wrappings and then let it dry.

Trick 3: Pressure

  • Firstly you need to cover your wooden board with the help of damp paper towels. You just need to moisten some sheets of paper towel and then arrange the moisten sheets over the inwardly curved (concave) surface of your wooden boards.
  • Then you need to wrap plastic over your paper towels. Wrap several layers of the plastic wrap all the way around your wooden board and your moist paper towels. Your plastic wrap should be secure & tight.
  • Now you need to place your wood in the clamp over-tightening the clamp slightly until the warped affected area of your wooden board begins to straighten out.
  • Next you need to leave your wooden board for at least one complete week. Keep your wooden board clamped & wrapped in a warm area for at least one week. Keep monitoring on a regular basis and then remove your wooden boards from the clamp if you see signs of possible damage.
  • Now you need to remove all the wrappings. After the first week is gone, then remove your wooden board from the clamp and then you need to take off the plastic wrap and the paper towels as well.
  • After that, you need to apply additional pressure on your wooden board. If you see that some warping are still there then return your wood to its clamped position and then let your wooden board dry for at least 2-3 weeks.
  • Finally you need to check your wooden board drying process intermittently. As soon as your wooden board has wholly dried throughout your entire piece then this is ready to unclamp and use. If your wooden board has not unwarped after the drying process is complete then the damage might be too severe to reverse.
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