Toilet Seat Scratch Repair: Two Easy Methods To Get Rid Of Scratches From A Toilet Seat

Two Easy Methods To Get Rid Of Scratches From A Toilet Seat

Clean the toilet seat with a greater amount of the frequency. The potential for germ contamination as well as the opportunity for the toilet seat to become marked is always very high due to frequent use. Keep the toilet seat clean as well as free from stains to make sure that the health of the family members remain good. Follow the below-mentioned methods to get rid of the scratches from a toilet seat:

Method 1

  1. Start the job by cleaning the top, bottom as well as edges of the toilet seat with the help of a soft sponge or cloth and make a solution of the dish-washing detergent with the warm water.
  2. Once the above step is done then start scrubbing marks or scratch at the top & at the bottom surface of the toilet seat using a soft-bristle brush as well as with the detergent solution.
  3. Rinse all over the toilet seat using the clear warm water and then dry it using a soft cloth. Place the seat in the upright position until it is completely dried with the help of an air.
  4. Finally the user needs to spray the seat with the help of a disinfectant spray and again leave it to air dry.

Method 2

  1. First of all, scrutinize the scratches. Generally, if the user runs the fingernail over the scratch and the nail will not hook, then it is a shallow enough to be treated with the help of light abrasives, like toothpaste or baking soda and if the nail does catch it, then it is a deeper scratch and requires a series of passes using a super-fine grit wet sandpaper.
  2. Before starting the buffing, clean the surface thoroughly so that all the loose debris will not further scratch the plastic. Use warm water with a few drops of the dish soap for cleaning.
  3. After that, start buffing with the help of a mild abrasive, like toothpaste or baking soda. The silica present in toothpaste may be abrasive enough to touch up scratches. Work in small circles with the help of cotton round or clean, dry with the cotton cloth, buff until all the surface begins to even out. Finally, rinse the residue using the water and examine the work, it can take a number of applications and up to 10 minutes to get the results.


Some of the important tips that the user needs to keep in mind while removing the scratch from a toilet seat are mentioned below:
  • It is highly advisable not to use the abrasive cleaners, like harsh chemicals, aerosol products, or any cosmetics such as nail polish remover for cleaning the toilet seat. These items usually damage the toilet seat finish.
  • Only use the mild detergents to clean the painted wood toilet seats in order to avoid damaging the finish of the seat.
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