Toilet Leaking From Tank Bolts: Step By Step Process To Fix Leaking Toilet Tank Bolts

Step By Step Process To Fix Leaking Toilet Tank Bolts

Fixing a leaky toilet tank is regarded as one of the common plumbing repairs that the user can perform themselves. Leaking toilet tanks can easily be repaired simply by changing the rubber gaskets that are around the tank bolts as well the spud washer, which can fail due to hard water as well as minerals. The proper step by step process of fixing the leaking toilet tank bolts is mentioned below:
  1. The first step is to inspect the area from where the water is leakage. Leakage from the bottom or from the main water connection must be easier to spot, however, if the user will look closely between the tank as well as the bowl, the user must be able to see the water in between the two. Take enough time, as this step is important to determine what tools are needed to fix it. Make sure to thoroughly check all the areas. Once determined that the leak is coming from the tank bolts, then go ahead and purchase a toilet tank or bowl kit.
  2. Now the next step is to turn off the valve of water supply, flush the toilet and empty the tank. In this repair process, the user needs to completely remove the toilet tank. So, it is a good option to completely empty it before heading to the job. After the water supply is shut off, then flush the toilet and take a sponge to clean the remaining water that may be left in the tank.
  3. Once the tank is completely empty and dry, then proceed to disconnect the water supply line. Some of the lines can be removed easily by hand, others may need a small wrench or the channel lock pliers. Be prepared, as some of the water may still get leaked from the ballcock.
  4. With the help of the same wrench or the channel lock pliers, remove all the nuts which are holding the toilet tank in place. Once the bolts will start spinning, take a screwdriver to hold the bolts inside the tank. If in case the bolt’s head is completely rusted, that time get an extra set of the pliers to hold them properly while trying to turn the nut. Once removed, set the tank right on top of the toilet bowl, or on any place that is comfortable enough to work on it.
  5. This is optional but it is a highly recommended step that needs to be completed when the toilet leaking is from the tank to the bowl gasket. As the tank is already removed, it makes a good option to go ahead and then replace the gasket as well.
  6. Now the user needs to install the new bolts, gaskets, washers as well as the nuts. Use the bolt, with one washer as well as one rubber gasket inside the tank, after that on the bowl side, another gasket, with washer, and nut.
  7. Repostion the tank, and install extra washers, and nuts. With the bolts in place, reposition the tank and then use the extra washers as well as the nuts to hold it in place. It is highly advisable not to over tighten the nuts, as this can easily break the toilet tank, the bowl, or even both.
  8. Reconnect the water supply line, with the toilet tank back in their proper place, go ahead and then reconnect the water supply line that was removed. Also do not over tighten this either, as overtightening can damage or even break the threads that are on the ballcock or cause leaks. Finally, turn the water back and also make sure there are no leaks. Check all around the main water connection which is turned on, also check the tank and the bowl connection or the gasket as well as all the bolts that are replaced. If needed make the adjustments.
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