Tire Chairs With Rope: Ultimate & Easy Way For Making Tire Chairs Using Rope

Ultimate & Easy Way For Making Tire Chairs Using Rope

The user can easily make the chairs or ottoman from the old or new tire with the rope, the easy steps for this process are mentioned below:
  1. Gather Material: The first step is to gather materials that are required to perform this task. The user will need a tire used or a new one, 6mm MDF board that is cut into two circles of about 55 cm diameter, almost six screws, a screwdriver, a drill, hot glue gun having at least 6 tubes of glue, a cloth, scissors, and concentrated brush sealer. At last, get a 5kg long and 10mm thick sisal twisted cord.
  2. Cleaning: Before heading with the project, it's important to clean the tire with the help of a dry cloth if in case it is very dirty, rinse well and then allow it to dry completely. After that place one MDF board on it and drill down 3 holes on the edge but in three distant points, which should be deep enough to penetrate down in the rubber.
  3. Tightly: Depending on the screws and a screwdriver, screw down the MDF board to the tire tightly enough so that the board won’t come off in future. Now repeat the same process for the other side of the tire.
  4. Gluing: The user should start gluing from the center of the circle as this will help to obtain a perfect finish. Using the hot glue gun, gently apply the glue on the board and then secure one end of sisal cord.
  5. Press The Tip: The user needs to firmly press the tip of the cord so that it will adhere well and go round exactly in a snail shape. Before each of the round remember to put enough glue, make the cord to stick hard as well as tight.
  6. Covering MDF: After the user has finished covering MDF board with a sisal rope, now do the same with the rest of the edge of the tire. Apply enough glue all around, making it really tight as well as firm. It's very important to make sure that the end of the sisal cord from the board should meet the starting one on the edge. Flip the tire upside down and continue with the job of covering it with a sisal rope until the user will reach the edge of the board.
  7. Cut The Rope: After covering all the rubber of the tire, then cut down the rope. It's very important to avoid the end tip of the cord to stick off from the tire, the user should glue it correctly and firmly. However, it is not necessary to coat the MDF board that is meant for the base, as it will be facing directly on the ground.
  8. Apply The Sealer: Atlast the important point is to use the sealer. Apply it to the brush and then cover all sisal cord surfaces with the sealer. Wait for almost one hour before applying another coat on it. This sealer will be ready to touch after almost one day but it will be completely dry after two weeks.
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