Tiny Black Spots On Wood Furniture: 6 Easy Steps Of Removing Small Black Spots

6 Easy Steps Of Removing Tiny/Small Black Spots On Wood Furniture

The iron oxide stains in the wood are usually the dark spots that are caused by prolonged exposure to water or metal. The iron oxide will react with the tannins in the wood and thus stains it black. The easy steps for removing the tiny black spots on furniture are mentioned below:
  1. Melt: The first step is to melt the oxalic crystals in the hot water. The oxalic acid is available in crystals and can be easily purchased from the paint stores and some pharmacies. While the water is still hot, keep the oxalic acid right on the surface of the furniture where tiny black spots are present.
  2. Bleach: The other option that the user can use is the wood bleach or liquid laundry bleach which will also help to remove the stain. However, the laundry bleach is much weaker than either oxalic acid or wood bleach and, therefore, may need to be applied a number of times. It can be effective, only in case the user wants to work only in a small area.
  3. Dry: Leave the liquid to dry until it becomes powdery and then rinse all the area thoroughly with the help of clear water. Repeat the process if the dark tiny spots haven’t disappeared. The user needs just to be sure to rinse all the area thoroughly between applications so that all of the dried crystals is removed off from the surface.
  4. Sand: If in case the user got down to bare wood, then lightly sand the entire surface using the fine sandpaper. Wipe down the surface with the help of a tack-cloth to clean up all loose particles from the sanding.
  5. Tack-cloths: The user can purchase the tack-cloths at stores that deal with paint, hardware, or at the do-it-yourself supplies. If all small and loose particles have not been removed, the surface will be marred and will have small bumps after the finish dries. Wipe with the help of tack cloth.
  6. Stain: At last, apply a light coat of stain on the furniture that matches the color of the furniture. Leave it to fully dry. If the stain does not match the furniture, then repeat the step until the color matches right with the furniture.
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