Things To Do With Old Chest Of Drawers: Best Ideas For Using Chest Of Drawers

Best Ideas For Using Old Chest Of Drawers

There are a number of different ways to re-purpose Old Chest Of Drawers. The user can refinish and add new hardware to the Old Chest Of Drawers for a more modern spin, or can leave it as it is for a shabby look. However the user can do different things with the Old Chest Of Drawers like the few mentioned below:

Room Divider

Most of the people do not have the abundant linen storage in their homes. Without the extra closet, its very difficult to find out the room for storing all of the towels and bed linens. An Old Chest Of Drawers can be just the right answer to this problem. Choose the size that will suit and fit the storage needs and space best, the user can keep the hand towels, wash cloths, extra sheets, as well as bath towels in the drawers. It can be decorated with stylish cloth and some framed photos. To round out the look the user can also add a framed mirror, or other piece of art as well.

Kitchen Island

The other best use of Old Chest Of Drawers is to put on caster wheels on the legs of a waist of high Old Chest Of Drawers, and then refinish in a color that suits the user's taste, and also attach some towel bars to the sides. Through this the user can have the affordable, roving kitchen island which can also be wheeled out to the patio when needed for an outdoor serving buffet or as a coffee bar.

Sofa Table

The right Old Chest Of Drawers can also be quite attractive when used as a sofa table. Since the sofa tables are generally wide but not very deep, so the user will need a similarly shaped bureau. Family board games are stored in the chest of drawers, and they will be within reach. The user can also store remote controls as well as reading material to avoid mess around the room. Lastly, at the top the user can have table lamps.

Dining Room Buffet

Long Old Chest Of Drawers having clean lines and a reasonable depth for storage can work well in a dining room. The user can top it with candlesticks as well as crystal vases and the drawers can be used to store the extra table linens, china, and holiday serving platters as well.
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