Teak Vs Bamboo Cutting Board: Advantages & Properties Of Teak & Bamboo Boards

Advantages & Properties Of Teak And Bamboo Cutting Board

The teak and bamboo cutting boards have their own advantages and properties, here the user can get information about both of them to make the right choice according to their needs:

Bamboo Cutting Board

  1. Sustainable Product: One of the good thing about using the bamboo cutting board is that bamboo wood is the sustainable product which means that bamboo tree can be restored itself within 3 to 4 years and it’s biodegradable. The wood board is also biodegradable, but the trees don’t restore themselves as quickly as bamboo tree.
  2. Lighter: The other good point about the bamboo is that its much lighter than the hardwood. In case the user is looking for the cutting board that should be less than 1 inch than bamboo wood is the best option for them, they are very less prone to crack than the hardwood cutting boards.
  3. Less Porous: Bamboo wood is not as porous as other woods, this is a very important point as it will not soak much water as other woods will soak. Less soaking of water means less bacterial growth. The bamboo cutting board will also not swell or shrink.
  4. Easy On Knives: The Bamboo cutting boards are very easy on the knives, this is due to the reason that it’s very hard to scar a bamboo cutting board but at the same time, it’s very soft enough that will not damage or blunt knives.
  5. Environmentally Friendly: The bamboo cutting boards are environment-friendly, this is due to the fact that bamboo wood, that is used to make the bamboo cutting board, are not taken from the places that are occupied by the panda.

Teak Cutting Board

  1. Look: The Teak wood is great for enhancing the look of the granite counter tops as it looks very beautiful and attractive.
  2. Culinary Applications: One of the best things about the teak wood cutting board is that its best suited to the culinary applications.
  3. Maintenance Free: One of the beauties of the teak wood is that its almost maintenance-free. It has a smooth surface that is very easy to clean and maintain.
  4. Appearance: The teak wood cutting board has a beautiful grain pattern with the brown color tinged with gold and orange hues that looks very eye-catching.
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