Table Table: Liskeard, Ashbridge, Murcar

Table Table Phone Number

Liskeard, UK
+44 1579 341752

+44 1633 876678

+44 1224 821217

Burns Court
+44 1355 586451

Melville Dykes
+44 131 561 9000

+44 1303 273620

Do You Serve Alcohol To 16 Or 17-Year-Olds When Eating In One Of Your Restaurants?
Table table does not serve alcohol to 16 Or 17-Year-Olds When they are Eating In One Of their Restaurants, as a matter of good practice they only serve alcohol to 18 plus.

Do You Allow Dogs Into Your Restaurants?
All the table table restaurant has different policies some of them only allow trained and well assistance dogs into their restaurants, while others only allow dogs in their gardens the customer are advised to check the restaurant before visiting so that you will not get disappointed.

What Is Your Breast Feeding Policy?

Table table welcomes breastfeeding mothers and they also understand it is important for mothers to be comfortable when feeding the babies. They also encourage their staff members to ensure mothers with young children have the most comfortable restaurant experience possible. Table table always do their best to make sure their staff do everything they can, to look after them and all their guests.
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