Table Table Bangor: Morfa Rhuddlan, Milnrow, Newquay, Pentrebach,

Phone Numbers Of The Table Table Bangor

Enquiry Number
+44 1248 679070

Morfa Rhuddlan
+44 1745 593010

+44 1706 299999

+44 1637 839560

+44 1443 693616

+44 23 9259 3202

+44 1656 860133

+44 1843 820700

Do You Allow Electronic Cigarettes To Be Used In Your Restaurants?
No, the company is not allowing anyone to smoke real as well as electronic cigarettes as the company believes the restaurant is family oriented and this can be an unpleasant scene to other guests also and the company feels that it is unfair on their team members to expect them to check whether the guest is using electronic cigarettes as this might cause a confrontation.

I Have Been Asked Not To Return To One Of Your Restaurants, What Can I Do?
It is necessary that the restaurant provide a safe and secure environment not only to their guests but to their staff members also. If you are being so then you might have done something which is not bearable according to the rules of the restaurant. This decision might have made by the manager of the restaurant and everyone would support his decision.
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