Table Mountain Casino: National Park, Campground

Table Mountain Casino Phone Number

Main Number
(559) 822-7777

National Park, SA
+27 21 712 7471

(760) 249-3526

Customer Service Number
If the customer has any question or would like immediate assistance, please call them on "1-800-541-3637"

Contact Us

The customer can also write to them for any suggestion, comments or any kind of feedback, to do that the customer needs to visit their website, then on the home page the customer needs to scroll down at the bottom where the customer can easily locate the "Contact Us" option simply click on it, then the customer needs to fill the form with some information like "Name", "Address", "Message", etc. After filling the form the customer can click on the "Submit" button.

If the customer wants to know the Table Mountain Casino location, then they can visit their website as mentioned above, where on the home page there is the "Locations" option at the bottom, click on it to view the locations or to go directly to the location page please Click Here.

Do You Have Disabled Parking?
At Table Mountain Casino the customers need not worry about the parking, there is an ample parking space, they also provide large parking space reserved for disabled parking, space is available in their front parking lot which the customers can easily locate.
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