Table Furniture: Design, Price

Table Furniture Design

The table is a furniture that the customers use in their everyday life, there are so many types of tables of different shapes, heights, and sizes. Some of the tables are given below:
  • Dining Room Table
    It is a table which is designed for formal dining.
  • Coffee Table
    These Tables are very low in height which are used infront of sofas, usually in living rooms.
  • Drafting Tables
    These are used for making a large or technical drawing that's why they have a tilting option.
  • Workbenches
    They are used for assembly, repairs, or other precision handwork. They are the sturdy tables.
  • Refectory tables
    It is a table that is used for taking meals by many people at the same time.

Table Furniture Price

There are so many designs and category of Tables. The price of the tables keep on changing and also vary from design to design like, dinner table marble is priced at US $350-650 / Piece, Faux Wood Outdoor Dining Table US $40-65 / Piece, etc.
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