Sunbrella Outdoor Cushions: Steps For Cleaning Sunbrella Outdoor Cushions

Sunbrella Outdoor Cushions

Here are some of the examples of the Sunbrella Cushions:
  1. Sunbrella Cabana Classic High Back Cushion: This product is having a sleek contemporary look and is crafted from the UV resistant Sunbrella Fabric. This cushion is having black and white stripes all over its surface. This cushion can withstand any harsh climate and will last for many years if maintained properly. This type of cushion product holds a manufacturer's warranty of 5 years. This cushion can also be cleaned easily by using a soft detergent and water. The size dimension of this cushion is 44 x 21.5 in.
  2. Sunbrella Cast Shale Outdoor Chaise Cushion: This cushion is created from the acrylic fabric that is color and stain resistant. This cushion is available in different color finishes as well. This cushion fits with any type of outdoor reclining chair. This type of cushion product is also having ties for easily securing the cushion tightly. This cushion is available in the size dimension of 23 x 48.
  3. Outdoor Sunbrella Bench Cushion: The inner area of this cushion is filled with soft foam and is covered by a layer of water-resistant fabric. This cushion also dries up easily even if left in a harsh climate for many years. This cushion can easily be used in indoor as well as in the outdoor areas. This cushion is available in the size dimension of 12' W x 7' D.

Sunbrella Outdoor Cushions Cleaning

Here are some of the easy steps by which a customer can easily clean up their Sunbrella outdoor cushions:
  1. Clean All The Dust: Firstly the customers need to clean all the dirt particles from the surface of the cushions by using a cordless vacuum or by using a soft bristled brush.
  2. Make A Solution: The customers then have to make a solution of soap and water in a bucket and stir the solution continuously until the soap is dissolved in the water. The customers have to spray this solution on to the cushions and have to use a soft brush to rub the stains as well and allow the cushions to soak the soap solution.
  3. Rinse The Cushions: The customers then have to clean the cushions by using clean water and remove all the soap residue as well and allow the cushions to dry in the open air.
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