Stripping Wood Chairs: Easy Steps

General Overview

The striping of the furniture or chairs is only required when they need refinishing or repair. Stripping the chair simply means to remove the old paint or finishes like varnish in order to coat the new. Stripping of the furniture can be done in the number of ways but most commonly used and effective technique of stripping includes the application of the chemical paint strippers.

Easy Steps To Strip The Wood Chairs

  1. Mask The Area: The main thing is to mask the area first in order to protect from the stains and other dirt.
  2. Right Side Up Direction: The chair is required to be in the right side up direction and all upholstery needs to be removed from the chair in order to start.
  3. Metal Container: Place the chair legs into the metal container to collect the stripping residue.
  4. Paint Stripper: Apply the paint stripper over the chair portion and wait for a while until the bubbles will appear on the varnish. Remove the varnish immediately before paint stripper dries.
  5. Scrapping: Follow up by scrapping the chair with the help of the putty knife to remove the varnish and apply more if it is not removed properly. Apply the paint stripper to the entire chair sections and repeat the same process for stripping.
  6. Wipe Off: Use mineral oil and steel wool to wipe off the wood chair and clear all residue. Many paint strippers are recommended to be washed away using simple water if so do as directed.
  7. Dry It: Once the chair is clean from both varnish and paint stripper allow it to dry completely.
  8. Sanding: Once the chair is dried sand it using the fine grit sandpaper.
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