Stripping Hardwood Floors With Ammonia: Steps

Brief Overview

Ammonia is a chemical that is used for cleaning household products and floors.
Is Ammonia Good For Cleaning?
Yes, ammonia can be used as a cleaning agent. Ammonia is combined with warm water and applied on the floor surface with the help of soft cloth to clean the debris and grit particles from the floor. It is also used to clean the upholstery.
Is It Safe To Use Ammonia For Cleaning?
When ammonia is diluted with water, it can be safely used for cleaning. It can be used to remove the stubborn stains from the floor surface and helps to eliminate the smell of paint.

Steps For Stripping Hardwood Floors With Ammonia

The steps are mentioned below to strip the hardwood floors with ammonia:
  1. Strip Old Wax: The first step is to take a sponge and saturate the floor by using hot water, ammonia, and dishwasher detergent and strip the wax from the floor. Then use a scrub brush to clean the extra liquid from the floor and with the help of scrubber clean the remaining wax from the floor. Use rags to dry the floor surface.
  2. Mop With Solution: Prepare a solution by combining the ammonia and warm water. Then clean the floor surface by using the mixed solution and leave it on the floor for about 10 minutes.
  3. Scrub Floors: Then next step is to rub the floor with club soda and keep it on the floor for some time so that floor soaks it and then dry the floor.
  4. Remove Cleaning Solution: The last step is to remove the cleaning solution from the floor surface by using water.
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