Stripping Bamboo Furniture: Steps & Items Needed To Strip Off Or Remove Paint

Most of the furniture items including outdoor furniture is particularly composed of bamboo and this type of furniture is usually painted in different colors which totally depends on the furniture set. If in case the customer don't want the paint on the bamboo furniture anymore and want to strip off or remove the paint, they can do so with ease but for that they need some items and need to follow certain steps which are discussed below.

Steps & Items Needed To Strip Off Or Remove The Paint From Bamboo Furniture

In order to strip off or get rid of the paint from bamboo furniture, the customer need following important items and need to follow certain steps mentioned below:

Items Needed

  • Paint Strippers.
  • Fibrous Laminated Paper.
  • Rubber Gloves.
  • Steel Wool.
  • Sandpaper.


  • Use Paint Stripper on the furniture but make sure to use gentle paint stripper like Rock Miracle & Peel Away 6 which are gentle enough to use on the bamboo furniture. The customer need to take care while applying paint stripper as some types of paint strippers could damage the furniture as they are too strong to apply on the furniture.
  • After applying paint stripper allow it to remain on the bamboo furniture for several hours. The exact time period depends on paint type and number of coats that were used while applying paint stripper on the bamboo furniture.
  • Use Fibrous Laminated Paper in order to cover or protect the bamboo furniture. This will assist paint stripper to work effectively on bamboo furniture.
  • The customer then need to monitor the paint every half an hour as the paint stripper helps in dissolving the paint and if there is no change in the paint then the customer need to apply more paint stripper.
  • Use Mineral Sprints Or Water in order to rinse paint stripper. Use small amount of water as bamboo furniture does not go well with water or the customer can use cloth dipped in water and wipe off the furniture.
  • Steel Wool and Sandpaper can also be used so that it gently strip off or remove paint from bamboo furniture. The customers need to make sure that they use fine sandpaper so that the bamboo finish doesn't get damaged.
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