Steel Wool Polyurethane Finish: Steps To Apply

Steps To Apply Steel Wool Polyurethane Finish

  1. Sand: The first step is to sand the bare wood with the help of the 150 grit sandpaper, do not sand firmly, sand lightly in the directions of the wood grains. Once the sanding is done then remove the sanding dust with the help of tack cloth.
  2. Stir: Now stir the content of Polyurethane can with the help of the wood stick stir well to reduce the formation of air bubbles and don't shake the can as shaking can introduce the bubbles.
  3. Solution: For the base coat mix 1 part of the mineral spirit with the 2 parts of the polyurethane finish, the user are advised do not stir too vigorously.
  4. Apply: With the help of the foam brush apply the first coat, apply the Polyurethane with the brush using long strokes, and lightly overlap each pass. In case of the table and dresser tops, it is best to do the sides first, then the top and at last the edges.
  5. Minimize Defects: In order to minimize defects always brush from the wet Polyurethane on the non-coated area.
  6. Dry: Now allow the first coat to dry completely before moving towards the second coat.
  7. Steel Wool Pads: The next step is to buff the area with the help of the #0000 steel wool pads. Lightly buff the area after that wipe the sanding dust with the tack cloth.
  8. Second Coat: Now apply the second coat of the Polyurethane in the same way as the first coat.
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