Steam Mop Damage Hardwood Floors: Brief Overview

Brief Overview

The steam mop has become very popular nowadays. Most of the steam cleaner does good job cleaning and sanitizing ceramic as well as vinyl tile floors. The steam mop cleans the Hardwood Floors without the scrubbing, soap, chemicals, and detergents. All of these benefits are very attractive. Besides these benefits, it is not good to use the Steam Mop on any type of the hardwood floor, as it can badly damage the wood floor. There are a number of reasons not to use the Steam Mop such as:
  1. Heat Water: The steamer heats water from About 120 degrees to over 200 degrees on some models.
  2. Cloth: In order to trap the dust there is a cloth attached to the end of the mop, and this mop helps the steam to get into the floor. The steam mop clean with the water and the heat.
  3. Soaks: As the water soaks in the wood it causes the permanent damage because the water gets soaked into the wood grain and will cause it to expand the wood, discolor, or even warp.
  4. Sealed Floor: Even the sealed floor can also get damaged with the steam mop or excess water, as the single scratch is enough for the steaming water to enter the wood floor and will result in swelling, patching, and warping.

How To Clean Wood Floors?

The best way to clean Wood Floors is to Sweep, vacuum, and mop regularly, at least once in a week. Don't use the vinegar or even cleaners on floors as they can dull the finish. Always use the manufacturers recommended cleaner and above that use the minimum water.
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