Steam Cleaning Hardwood Floors: Steps To Steam Clean Hardwood Floors

General Overview

The steam cleaning is one of the best ways to clean and sanitize the hardwood floor, there is no problem in using the steamer, but it should be used under the proper technique. The steps to steam clean the hardwood floor are mentioned below:
  1. In order to avoid the permanent stain Wipe up all spills immediately.
  2. Always keep the pet nails trimmed.
  3. Always maintain the comfortable environment and no extreme humidity.

Steps to Steam Cleaning Hardwood Floors

  1. Clean: Cleaning the hardwood floor before the steam cleaning is one of the important step, simply clean with a vacuum cleaner.
  2. Rectangular Floor Tool: Now use the rectangular floor tool that comes with the steam cleaner and then attach the microfiber cloth around it, the microfiber will retain the excess moisture and will insulate the steam. The microfiber will remove all the dirt.
  3. Setting: Always set the steam cleaner at the medium or low pressure setting. The lower the pressure of the steamer, the dry the steam will be. Don't use the higher pressure because the higher pressure forms the condensation.
  4. Everywhere: Slowly pass the steamer everywhere to sanitize, deep clean as well as revitalize the floors.
  5. Cloth: When the cloth of the steam cleaner is saturated than remove and threw it in the washing machine.
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