Steam Clean Microfiber Couch: Can You Steam Clean Microfiber Couch And Steps

Can I Steam Clean Microfiber Couch And What Are The Steps?

The customers can easily steam clean their Microfiber couch and in order to do that the customers need to follow certain steps as mentioned below:
  1. Vacuum: Begin with vacuuming the couch to remove all the debris and dirt. Besides that Remove the couch cushions and clean from all sides as well as the nooks and crannies.
  2. Lint Roller: In order to remove the pet hair run a lint-roller, the hair can be easily lifted when the couch is dry, once it is wet then the hair is difficult to remove.
  3. Steam: Now fill the steam chamber with the water and mix the designated cleaner, once the steam cleaner has warmed up, then go for the spot testing for the reaction between the chemical and the microfiber.
  4. Upholstery: Slide the upholstery tool over all the sides of the couch cushions. In order to clean all the parts of the couch overlap each stroke.
  5. Button: For the most soiled area press the button and pull the tools on the area, this will release cleaner on the spot.
  6. Towel: With a lint-free towel smooth the nap of the microfiber. To eleminate, the marks of upholstery attachment brush the towel over the cushions.
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