Stainless Steel Sink Vs Porcelain: Comparison On Important Points

Comparison On Important Points Between Stainless Steel Sink And Porcelain

The two most popular types of sinks are stainless steel and the porcelain-enameled. Both types of sinks will make a great addition to the kitchen, but they look as well as function in different ways. Below is the comparison between them on certain important points, so you can make a better choice, which one will be better for the kitchen.


Installation of both types of the sinks will vary that mostly depends on the type of the countertop and also the installation style of the sink. Both the sinks are available in the drop-in or self-rimming options, this means that both the sinks can be easily installed by applying a bead of adhesive all around the edge of the opening of the countertop as well as dropping the sink in. Both of them can also be installed in an under-mount way, but this is more common for stainless steel. In both cases, the sink is installed in a similar way. The only difference is in the mounting hardware that is used, the porcelain sinks are usually very heavier and will require more mounting hardware, which in turn means the installation process will take longer time than the stainless steel sink.


Both the sinks require low maintenance. The stainless steel can scratch, so it is advisable to use only the non-abrasive cleaners. If required, the user can also use a stainless steel cleaner. If the sinks have a brushed finish, instead of a mirror finish, then that is less likely to show scratches as well as the water spot, while the mirror finishes need to be dried after the use with the help of a soft cloth as this will help to prevent water stains from becoming visible.
In the case of the porcelain sinks, they can be cleaned with nearly any of the material. The porcelain enamel is also unlikely to scratch as well as to stain, but if stains do occur, then use a mild abrasive cleanser to remove all of them. It is advisable to avoid using the bleach or the harsh chemicals on the sink, as this can easily break down the enamel with the time.


The user can get the longevity from a stainless steel sink by installing the one having a low gauge number. The lower the gauge number, the thicker the steel will be, and the longer time it will last. In order to increase its life only use the nonabrasive cleaners on the stainless steel sink, and also avoid the cleansers that contain the chloride compounds. Don't use the steel wool or any of the abrasive materials.
On the other hand, the porcelain sinks have a cast iron core that has a baked-on porcelain finish. The chipping, as well as scratching of the finish, shorten the sink's life, so by placing a stainless steel rack or any of the soft mat in the sink's bottom can help in preventing the chipping. Rinse as well as dry the sink after the use and also clean the porcelain often, it is advisable to avoid using the abrasive cleaners, rough sponges, or the steel wool.

Resale Value

Whether the sink is porcelain or stainless steel, the most important thing to consider for the resale value of a house is the condition of the sink. A stainless steel sink must be clean as well as should be free of scratches or the water spots. The porcelain sinks on the other hand must have a glossy finish having no visible scratches or the chips. Since the stainless steel sinks do not chip, so it can be the best choice for resale value.
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