Staining Hardwood Floors Darker: Major Steps To Stain

Steps To Stain Hardwood Floors Darker

In order to stain the hardwood floors darker, the user needs to follow the below-given steps;
  1. Clean The Flooring: The first step will be to vacuum the dust and debris out of flooring followed by a wipe down with a damp cloth. In case, the flooring has stubborn spots, the user needs to wipe down the spots with soapy water. The excess moisture from the flooring should be wiped with a dry cloth.
  2. Sand The Flooring: Once the flooring is clean & dry, the user needs to sand it lightly with a fine-grit sandpaper. The step is recommended for unfinished and previously finished flooring. It is necessary to vacuum and wipe down the sanding dust before proceeding to the next step.
  3. Choose Stain: The next step is to choose the stain for the hardwood flooring. It has been recommended by the experts to choose a water-based stain, glaze, or gel stain in order to give the flooring a darker look. Besides that, the stain types can sometimes obscure the wood's grain. If the user is not sure regarding the type of stain he wants on his flooring, it would be better to gather some stain samples and apply it over the flooring at an inconspicuous area and select the stain accordingly.
  4. Apply Stain: After that, the user needs to apply the preferred stain over the flooring with an old cloth or a foam brush by working in sections. It has been recommended to apply a thick coat of stain so that the wood absorbs it better. Applying stain with an old cloth or a foam brush helps the user to minimize brush strokes that show up over the stained hardwood.
  5. Wipe Away Excess Stain: The next step will be to wipe away the excess stain from the flooring by using staining pads designed specifically for the process. The user needs to check the flooring from different angles making sure no uneven color or streaks are left behind.
  6. Let The Stain Dry: After that, the user needs to let the stained flooring dry & cure for about 18-24 hours before applying the thin second coat of stain over it. The second coat of stain should be applied as well as dried as per the first coat application. The second coat of stain helps the user to give the flooring a darker look.
  7. Apply Sealer: The last step in the process will be to seal the flooring with a topcoat sealer. The user needs to apply an oil or water-based sealer over the flooring similar to the stain application process. The topcoat sealer gives the flooring a nice glossy finish and also protects the wood from stains & spills.
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