Staining Cabinets Darker Without Sanding: Best Way To Stain Kitchen & Wood Cabinets Without Stripping

Best Way To Stain Kitchen & Wood Cabinets Without Stripping

In order to stain the Kitchen & Wood Cabinets Without Stripping, the user needs to follow certain steps mentioned below which is also the best way for the users to stain:
  1. Prepare: The first step in staining the cabinets is to prepare the area for the staining. In case of the new cabinets then it is better to stain it before hanging and for the old cabinets remove the doors with the help of the screwdriver.
  2. Clean: The next step is to clean the cabinet doors, cabinet surfaces with the tack cloth so that all the dust is removed and the surface area is clean.
  3. Paint Stripper: Now apply the paint stripper to the previously painted cabinet and doors as well. After applying the stripper to the surface wait for the appropriate time as mentioned on the stripper, then start scraping the loosen finish with the scraper tool. Continue the process until all the paint is removed.
  4. Wood Cleaner: Apply the wood cleaner that contains the de-glosser to the area. Simply apply the cleaner to the rag and wipe the doors and cabinet surface this will also help to remove any residue of the chemical stripper.
  5. Stain: Once the wood cleaner is dried, then apply the dark stain to the rag. Smoothly work the rag across the doors, and cabinet surface. In order to produce an even color rub the rag in the circular motion.
  6. Second Coat: Once the first coat is completely dried then go for the second coat in the way as a first coat but with the new staining rag.
  7. Reassemble: Once the cabinets and doors are completely dried then assemble the doors and any hardware that was removed before staining.
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