Staining Bamboo Furniture: 5 Easy Steps To Stain

5 Easy Steps To Stain The Bamboo Furniture

Staining the bamboo furniture is very important and an easy task that can be done in a proper manner. The easy steps for the staining of the Bamboo Furniture are as follows:
  1. Sanding: The first step in the staining process is to sand the furniture with the 220 grit sandpaper. This is because the bamboo has a natural protective coating that needs to be sanded so that the stain will adhere to the surface better.
  2. Test: Once the sanding is completed the next step is to choose the color of the stain, and it is better if the user tests the color on the hidden area to make sure how it looks like. The user needs to remember that there will be 2 coats of the stains which means stain it will get darker on applying.
  3. Apply: Now apply the stain with the help of the soft paintbrush and then wipe it off with the rag, continue the process until the staining and all the area is stained.
  4. Dried: Once the first sanding process is completely dried then sand the surface area again, but sand lightly and don't press firmly, after sanding clean the surface and then apply the second coat.
  5. Sealer: After the staining is completed, the user needs to sand again lightly, after that apply the high-quality sealer, so that the surface area will be protected.
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