Spruce Wood Advantages And Disadvantages: Pros & Cons

The spruce wood is the member of the Pinaceae plant family. This wood is found in mountain regions like central, northern, and southern Europe. Spruce wood is also known as red spruce.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Spruce Wood

The advantages of spruce wood are mentioned below:


  1. Affordable: The spruce wood is available in market at low rates due to this reason the spruce wood is one of the popular material which is used for making the furniture.
  2. Appearance: The spruce wood appear to be bright in color. With the span of time the color of the spruce wood changes to reddish-white and the wood darken to yellow-brown.
  3. Grain: This type of wood has a clear structural surface and has an excellent striped grains.
  4. Resinous Wood: This type of wood is resinous and the straight cross section are seen clearly from the resin channels.
  5. Weight: This type of wood is having a light weight.


The disadvantages of the spruce wood are mentioned below:
  1. Insect Infestations: The spruce wood is vulnerable to insect infestation and the insects cause vast damage to the wood.
  2. Not Weather Resistant: On this type of wood, the wood preservatives are applied as it is not water resistant and rots quickly.
  3. Dull Gloss: This wood has a dull shine.
  4. Decay: This type of wood decays almost in 2 years.
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