Spraying Polyurethane On Cabinets: Steps To Spray

Steps To Spray Polyurethane On Cabinets

Here are the steps for spraying the polyurethane on cabinets:
  1. Material Required: The customers need to gather all the materials and tools that are required while spraying the polyurethane on cabinets like sandpaper, vacuum cleaner, lint-free cloth, stir stick, and brush.
  2. Remove Old Finish: Before spraying the polyurethane on the cabinets the customers need to remove the existing paint from the cabinet surface. It is recommended that customers should work in a properly ventilated area.
  3. Sand The Cabinet: To make the rough surface of the cabinet smooth the customers need to sand the cabinet with the help of medium-grit sandpaper and then again sand the cabinet by using fine-grit sandpaper. Check for the scratches and use extra fine-grit sandpaper to remove scratches.
  4. Clean Up: Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to remove the sanded residue particles from the cabinet surface. Take a lint-free cloth and slightly wet the cloth then clean remaining or hidden dirt particles from the cabinet surface.
  5. Stir The Polyurethane: After opening the polyurethane cane the customers need to stir the polyurethane mixture properly and do not shake the mixture.
  6. Seal The Cabinet: Prepare a sealing mixture by combining the mineral spirit and polyurethane. Then apply a coat of mixture on the cabinet surface with the help of brush and allow it to dry.
  7. Sand The Cabinet Again: When the cabinet dries, sand the cabinet surface again to remove the drips and brushstrokes. Then clean the cabinet surface with the vacuum cleaner.
  8. Apply The First Coat: Now the customers need to apply a coat of pure polyurethane and wait for about 24-hours until it dries. When the first coat dries the customer can apply the second coat of polyurethane if needed.
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