Spray Paint Vs Brush Paint Furniture: Comparison Between Spray & Brush Painting

In order to apply the paint to the furniture different types of techniques are used. However, it depends on the type and choice of look that the users want and accordingly can choose the technique of applying the paint. Spray Paint and Brush Paint Furniture techniques are the commonly used painting techniques.

Comparison Between Spray And Brush Paint Furniture

Spray Painting

This technique is used by the professional experts for the big volume projects. In order to achieve the high gloss, lacquer finish this is the best choice of applying the paint. This technique has a number of pros and some are mentioned below:
  1. Even Coverage: This technique can give the even coverage without using brushstrokes.
  2. Faster: It is much faster than brushing technique. This technique covers a large surface in less time.
  3. Durable Finish: As most of the spray paint is the oil based and this is the reason they provide much more durable finish than latex paint.
  4. Dries: The spray painting method has another pro that it dries very fast than the paint applied with the brush.
  5. Easier To Apply: It is very easy to apply the spray paint on the furniture with the spindles, small pieces, or even with the intricate nooks and crannies.

Brush-on Painting

Although applying the paint to furniture with the brush is a time-consuming option, but it results in a very beautiful finish. The pros of the Brush-on Painting are mentioned below:
  1. Options: Through this technique the customer can easily make the custom colors and has more color options.
  2. Less Expensive: It is less expensive than spray paint.
  3. Less Toxic: Latex paint is the water-based paint and can be applied to the indoors as well with less fumes.
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