Spray Paint Vs Brush Paint Cabinets: Comparison Between Spray & Brush Paint

The cabinets should be painted from time to time in order to increase their life. Besides that painting the cabinets will help to customize it to complement the decorating style. There are a number of techniques used for the painting. However, spray and brush techniques are commonly used. The best technique depends on what type of finish and look is needed. The comparison between the spray and brushing technique is mentioned below that will also help the user to choose the right technique according to need.

Comparison Between Spray And Brush Paint

Spray Painting

  1. Finish: If the user wants a high-gloss, lacquer finish then It is the best option .
  2. Even Coverage: It gives the even coverage without the brushstrokes.
  3. Surface: Spray paint can be used on any surface like wood, metal, wicker, plastic and resin as well.
  4. Dries: Spray paint dries much more quickly than the brushed paint.
  5. Easier To Apply: The Spray paint is very easy to apply on furniture. Even if the furniture are with spindles, small pieces, as well as crannies.
  6. Durable Finish: Most of the spray paint is oil-based due to which it provides a more durable finish than latex paint.
  7. Easier Cleanup: The spray paint is spray with the ready made can which means there is no brushes, rollers, buckets or even the paint trays to wash.

Brush Paint

The brushing tecnique is a time consuming option but it will give a beautiful look.
  1. Color options: It has more color options, besides that the user can make the custom colors.
  2. Less Toxic: Most of the latex paint is applied with the brushing technique, the latex paint can be applied to the indoor as well as outdoor with less fumes.
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