Spray Paint Bookshelf: Easy Steps & Items Needed

Easy Steps & Items Needed To Spray Paint A Bookshelf

The users can easily spray paint their bookshelf by following the below-mentioned steps but first you need to collect certain items that are required to perform this task:

Items Required

  • Drop Cloth
  • Scrap Wood Piece
  • Tack Cloth
  • Spray-Paint
  • Spray-On Primer


  • Step 1: If it is possible for the users they need to start by moving the bookshelf in the open ventilated area and then place it down over the straps made of plastic. If in case the bookshelf is built-in or is too heavy and cannot be moved then the users need to cover the floor of the room by taping down the plastic traps.
  • Step 2: Then they need to open all the doors and the windows of the room so as to increase the ventilation in the painting area as the spray paint usually forms the fumes and they can be harmful if breathed in. The users are also advised to place the fan that would be facing towards the window so as to give out the air.
  • Step 3: Then they need to clean up all the dust and the debris particles from the surface of the bookshelf by using the tack cloth. If in case the bookshelf consists of the grit that cannot be cleaned with the tack cloth then at that moment the users need to use the damp cloth and rub it vigorously over the bookshelf surface.
  • Step 4: Once the bookshelf is cleaned the users need to shake the primer can for almost one minute and apply it over the plywood board so as to get practiced completely. Then they need to hold the primer can towards its upside down and keep on shaking it vigorously as this will help in aerosolized the primer can and will make it ready for the use.
  • Step 5: Then the users need to spray the primer all over the surface of the bookshelf and allow it to get dried off completely for almost twenty minutes. The users need to make sure that they apply a thin layer of the primer. The users need to examine the surface of the bookshelf and if they still find the dry surface then they need to re-apply the 2nd coat of the primer and let it get dried off for almost twenty minutes.
  • Step 6: Then they need to shake the spray paint for almost one minute and apply it over the plywood board so as to get practiced completely. The users then need to apply the 1st layer of the spray paint all over the surface of the bookshelf and the users need to apply the spray paint in the strokes that should be overlapped and then allow the spray paint to get dried off completely. Then they need to wait for almost twenty minutes for the first layer to get dried off before applying the second layer of the spray paint.
  • Step 7: Finally the users need to allow the bookshelf to get dried completely for almost one complete night and once the bookshelf is dried the users need to detach all the drop cloth accordingly.
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