Solid Wood Vs Veneer Cabinets: Veneer Wood Or Solid Wood Cabinets– Which One To Choose?

General Overview

In order to make your room feel charming & look good, the first & foremost thing is to choose the good quality cabinets that really set the style as well as the feel of your room. There are a huge number of designs as well as materials you can use, but the most commonly used are veneer wood and solid wood cabinets. One of the important factor in choosing the cabinet amongst veneer & solid wood is the attractive appearance.

What Are Veneer Wood Cabinets?

Veneer wood cabinets are generally composed of two dissimilar types of wood. Thin strips of hardwood are normally fixed onto a cheaper wood, which is commonly used for the cabinet's main body. As a result, the cabinet has the aspect of being constructed from more expensive wood but is very affordable to make. Due to the reason that it is composed of real wood, it can be sanded, painted, as well as stained, so the cabinet will look original and not fake like it can do with a laminate covering.

What Are Solid Wood Cabinets?

Solid wood cabinets are the kind of cabinets that are usually composed of only one kind of solid wood. This type of cabinet can also be sanded, stained, painted, treated, as well as varnished as you do with any other wood product.

Veneer Wood Cabinet Or Solid Wood Cabinet– Which One To Choose?

If in case you are selecting your new cabinets, there are a number of factors that you need to go through about both the veneer wood as well as solid wood cabinets, as selecting one totally depends on certain factors:
  • Visual: In spite of the fact that veneer wood gives a natural look, it is still possible, occasionally, to recognize a veneer wood. However, it is highly possible that only you would notice the difference.
  • Treatment Of Wood: Both types of cabinet, i.e solid as well as veneer, can have the wood sanded, stained as well as painted in order to modify the overall appearance.
  • Weight: Depending on the types of wood that you are going to choose, solid wood cabinets are generally heavyweight as compared to veneer wood. Despite the fact that it may not be easy to move solid wood cabinets around, still the majority of people like the feel of heavyweight, solid wood cabinet.
  • Wear And Tear: The wear and tear on cabinets is totally dependent on the type of wood that is used. Veneer wood cabinets can get warping with the passage of time, particularly, if they are in the kitchen area, any humid place, or if in case the air conditioning is not available and live in a hot and humid area. In these conditions, solid wood cabinets can also be affected by the warping issue. Solid wood cabinets constructed of softer wood like pine, are vulnerable to wearing down on corners as well as edges and it also gets easily dented. However, Veneer wood is unlikely to suffer from this issue due to the reason that it is commonly composed of a harder wood.
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