Solid Wood Floor Installation: Best Way To Install Flooring On Concrete

Best Way To Install Solid Wood Floor on Concrete Guide

  1. Level: The first step is to level the Sub-floor. If, in any case, there is gaps or depressions fill that with the help of the floor leveling compound, and clear all the high points with the help of the belt sander. All the Irregularities must be cleared as it can result in squeaking and gaps.
  2. Moisture Barrier: Once all the Irregularities are fixed the next step is to lay the moisture barrier. The user can use the number of the material like kraft paper, vinyl sheeting and clear plastic or the user can also apply the paintable plastic coating with the help of the paint roller. The moisture prevents the separation or warping.
  3. Chalk Line: The next step is to draw a chalk line for the first row of the flooring, the line can be drawn either against the wall or from the middle of the room.
  4. Lay First Row: Now its time to lay the first row of the floor according to the chalk line. Then nail the board with the 2-inch finish nail.
  5. Drill: The user should Drill a 1/8 inch hole for each nail, and cut the last board with the chop saw to fit in the row.
  6. Rest Of The Boards: The next step is to install the rest of the boards by simply nailing them through their tongues, to fix the nails use the nail gun .
  7. Last Row: Install the last row that is against the walls, simply by cutting the bottom of the grooves, lay them in place and start nailing.
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