Sliding Barn Door Vs Pocket Door: Comparison Between Sliding Barn Door & Pocket Door

Comparison Between Sliding Barn Door And Pocket Door

Nowadays there are many styles of the sliding doors available, but the most frequently installed are the pocket and barn-style doors. Both are the great additions to homes, but both of them have different looks and functionality. The comparison between both of them based on different factors are shown below:


The pocket doors are regarded as an interesting addition to most of the homes & this is because they slide easily into the wall, which is hiding the door when open. Besides that, they are also available in a wide range of styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary. The barn doors, on the other hand, have a more distinctive style. Made of the wood, the barn doors generally have a more rustic finish as well as appearance. They fit in well in almost all of the home styles, including country, rustic modern, cottage, and farmhouse.

Best Use

Both the doors, pocket as well as a barn, are meant to be space-saving, this is due to the fact that they do not swing out in the room, so they are installed in bathrooms, closets, and also in the areas that need more of the accessibility. However, the pocket doors slide in the wall and are also concealed once opened. In the case of the barn doors, they slide on a track on the outside of a wall as well as cover it once opened. This in turn means that the pocket doors slide between rooms and the hallways, which is making them slightly more versatile.


The biggest difference in the cost between both the doors generally comes from the installation process. The pocket doors are very difficult to install in the existing wall, which in turn can make it costly. In fact, the pocket doors are mostly installed in new construction for the above reason.


If the user needs to shut the door tightly for the privacy, light-blocking, a tight seal is necessary. Some of the pocket doors and also the barn doors may slide easily to fit all across the doorway but they are not designed to shut completely. Some of them can have locking or the catching mechanism that helps to hold the door shut, but in case if the track or the door becomes even slightly out of the alignment, then the door can gap slightly at the top or at the bottom, that is preventing it from the tight seal.


Both of the styles require some maintenance & this is because they both slide all along a track, so they must be kept in the good condition, which means free from any kind of the debris, that could cause the door or the rollers hard to slide. They may also need periodic oiling or even the rehanging if the track sags. Because the barn door is fully visible and also easily reached, this means that their maintenance is easier to carry out than pocket doors.


Both the doors have a track, which can sometimes have problems with durability. It mostly comes down due to the quality of the track as well as the materials that are used in making it. Both types of doors may come off their tracks, which in turn become difficult to roll or squeak if not lubricated. This means that due to the track there can be fewer issues over time.
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