Signs Of Mold Under Hardwood Floors: Signs And Steps

Signs Of Mold Under Hardwood Floor

There are 2 main sign of mold under the hardwood floor:
  1. Musty Smells: This is the first step to know that there is mold under the hardwood floor or not. If the user smells musty odors then this must be a sign of mold under the hardwood floor.
  2. Water Damage: The water damage is a correct sign of mold under the furniture. Always wipe water or any other liquid from hardwood floor Immediately to avoid water floor damage.

Steps To Remove Mold From Hardwood Floor

The easy methods to remove mold stains from hardwood floor:

Noticing The Mold Problem

  1. Pay Attention: If the user feels headaches, breathing problems, or itchy eyes in the home, then there is mold under the hardwood floor.
  2. Warping: Wood warping is the symbol of the mold under the hardwood floor.

Removing Surface Mold

  1. Wear: Safety first, wear rubber gloves on hand and safety glasses on eyes. Also, wear that type of cloth or shoes which can be clean easily after finishing the work.
  2. Mildew Cleaner: Mold cleaner is especially made to remove mold from hardwood floor. Chlorine bleach solution will work best to remove mold from the hardwood floor. Simply mix the bleach with water with a ratio of 10:1.
  3. Wipe Away The Mold Using A Rag: Pour the solution in a spray bottle. Then spray it on the mold then wipe the mold with a rag cloth.

Removing Ingrained Mold

  1. Depth Of The Mold: For cleaning mold, measure the depth of the mold with a screwdriver. If the mold spots feel slightly soft, then the mold can be removed easily.
  2. Room Heaters Or Fans: The moisture in the hardwood floor needs to be eliminated first before removing the mold physically. Place a large fan or room heater in the room and leave the fan or room heater open for several hours in front of the mold.
  3. Ventilate The Room: The user needs to open all doors and exterior windows for a good ventilated room. Set a large box fan in one of the exterior windows to get dirty air out from the room.
  4. Sand: Use sandpaper (100 grit) to remove mold from the hardwood floor, simply rub the floor as much as the user can to remove the mold. Metal hand scraper can also do this type of work.
  5. Spray: The user needs to mix bleach and water at a ratio of 8:1. Now, put the solution in a bottle then spray the solution over the mold and clean it with old rag cloth.
  6. Cut: Use a knife, screwdriver, or other sharp tools to cut remaining mold on the hardwood floor. Then, put moldy garbage into a garbage bag immediately.
  7. Apply A Wood Finish: Once the user has removed mold from hardwood floor, the user needs to apply a wood finish on the hardwood floor. Use a paintbrush to do this work, after applying the wood finish then apply a layer polyurethane finish on the hardwood floor.
  8. Bag And Dispose Of All The Debris: The user needs to use heavy-duty garbage bags to throw out the moldy material or other things like sandpaper, rag cloths.
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