Signs Of Active Woodworm In Furniture: How To Identify

How To Identify Woodworms In The Furniture?

The customers can identify woodworms in their furniture product by following ways:
  • There will be round or oval shaped holes in their furniture product that will look fresh & new.
  • They will see tunnels in their wood which are also known as "Galleries" and they cannot locate them easily.
  • The Customers will see Bore dust in their furniture and the reason for those is adult beetles and can be seen below the timber.
  • The customer will see Woodworm larvae in their furniture which is of creamy color and in curved shape.
  • The floorboards will be weak and while they walk through them it will cause damage to it.

Where Can I Get Woodworm Treatment Service?

"Rentokil" is the place where the customers will get woodworm treatment service. They will first inspect all their wooden objects and determine which woodworm has affected their furniture. After that, they will provide them with the solution about it and will also remove some timber parts if required. Once they are done, they will provide them 10-years guarantee on their work.
Phone Numbers: 1890 666 444, 1890 555 222
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