Shark Steam Mop Hardwood Floors: Benifits & Steps To Use Shark Steam Mop

Benefits Of The Shark Steam Mop

Shark Steam Mop is designed in a way that works best for the hardwood floors, however, the steam is not recommended for the unfinished floors. It is advisable that the user should perform the test on the hidden area for any negative effect. Some of the important benifits of using shark steam mop on hardwood floors are mentioned below:
  1. Settings: One of the benefit is that it has three settings depending on the type of “clean” the user needs such as Dust, Mop and Scrub.
  2. Easy To Slide: It is very easy to slide on and off the machine-washable microfiber covers.
  3. Cleans: It cleans the floor very quickly as compared to other steam mops.
  4. Ready To Use: After the mop is pluged in, it is ready for use within 30 seconds only.

Steps To Use The Shark Steam Mop Hardwood Floors

  1. Vacuum: The first step is to vacuum, sweep or mop the floor to remove any kind of the dust and dry debris. In case they are not removed then it can cause scratches or gouges on the floor.
  2. Assemble: The next step is to assemble the shark steam mop according to the manufacturer instructions and fill the water tank, always use the clean water so that there will be no scaling which can cause the steam pipes to block.
  3. Switch: Now the step is to switch the steamer on and wait for atleast 30 seconds.
  4. Pump: After 30 seconds pump the handle several times so that the cloth attached to the mop is damped.
  5. Mode: Shark Steam Mop has different modes for the cleaning like it has dust mode for light cleanups, for the regular cleaning it has the mop mode, in case of the stubborn grease use the scrub mode.
  6. Start Cleaning: Now start cleaning as per the mode needed in the back and forth directions, continously move the mop and don't stand still at one location for long time.
  7. Finished: Once the cleaning is done then unplug the Shark Steam Mop and wait for the cloth to cool before removing it.
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