Shampooed Carpet Now Smells Musty: Best Solutions To Remove Musty Smell

Best Solutions To Remove Musty Smell And Reasons For Musty Smells

It is common for the carpet to smell immediately after being cleaned, and there are some of the tips and tricks to help the musty smells clear up quickly. The best & easy solutions to remove musty smell are mentioned below along with the reason of carpet getting musty smell:

Let It Dry

The shampooed carpet must be given ample time to dry. Open all the windows if the weather is pleasant, and also point the fan directly at the carpet as this will help to speed up things. If the user place furniture directly on the wet carpet, then there is a risk of creating the mold or mildew growth under the furniture. The wooden furniture legs can also damage freshly cleaned carpet and this is because the wood stain can bleed in the carpet fibers once it comes in contact with the wet chemical cleaner. Besides all that the wet carpet will also damage the wood. To avoid all this, it is best to wait until all carpet is fully dry before placing the furniture to the room.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Another easy way to remove the musty smells from the carpet is to use hydrogen peroxide. For that mix 5 parts of the water with the one part of the hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle, then apply this solution on to the back of the carpet. This will help a lot in neutralizing the mold spores as well as odor.

White Vinegar

Treat the carpet with a solution of one cup of the white vinegar with two cups of warm water. With the help of a spray bottle gently mist over the carpet. It is important to be careful to not oversaturate it as they can increase the moisture and can lead to mold growth.

Baking Soda Trick

The baking soda will serve two purposes, absorbing odor and moisture as well. Let the baking soda sit on the carpet for one to two hours before vacuuming it up. Just keep the open box of baking soda in the space that can absorb all of the smell. The user can also unscented cat litter to sit in the room that will have the same effect. The user can also sprinkle litter on the carpet for an alternative to the baking soda. Using the clay-based cat litter is regarded as the most effective way at the odor control as well as also helps with stain removal, and is easiest to vacuum.


The carpets which have been cleaned, the musty smell always comes from the materials that are used underneath the carpet fibers. The carpet backing, as well as the padding, can easily hold up the moisture and also the odors from old spills, stains, or from the ground-in dirt. Once these materials will become wet from deep-cleaning like shampooing, the smell will be stronger than ever. Until it completely dries. Some of the common mistakes that are made while cleaning a carpet that can result in those musty smells, includes using too much shampoo, too much water, and also not using a deodorizer afterward.
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