Settee Or Couch: Comparison Between Settee & Couch

Simple Comparison Between Settee And Couch

If you want to buy one among the Settee & Couch and you are confused about which one to buy, no need to worry, just go through the comparison between the two and then decide which one to buy.


The Settee is also called a sofa, which is an upholstered seat with back and arms which are sometimes also upholstered. It is designed in a way so that it can accommodate two or more people in a sitting as well as in reclining position. The earliest types, way back in the 17th century in Europe, have the sides that can be let down for transferring them into a bed. There are different types of settees that are given names from their function or style, for example, the chaise longue, it is a kind of elongated chair having an inclined back, the other is chesterfield which is a large and very heavily stuffed and also have a number of buttons. A settee is also shorter than a sofa but is long enough to accommodate 2 people, which is also known as a loveseat. But unlike most of the sofas, a settee can easily be kept at home in an entryway, in a bedroom or even can also be pulled up to the dining table, this is because of its elegant proportions and due to its upright posture.


Although the couches are used primarily for seating purposes, it can also be used for sleeping. In homes, the couches are normally found in the living room, family room, or in the lounge. The couches are sometimes also found in commercial or non-residential spaces such as hotels, waiting rooms, lobbies of commercial offices as well as in bars. The most common types of couches that are used are the two-seater, which is sometimes also referred to as a loveseat, which is designed for seating two persons. The other types include the divan, the fainting couch which is a backless or is partial-backed and the canapé which is a three-seater. To conserve space, some couch's turn as beds in the shape of sofa beds, daybeds, or as futons. The couch frame mainly consists of the padding and the covering as well. This frame is usually made up of wood, but it can also be made of laminated boards, steel, or plastic as well.
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