Self Adhesive Furniture Glides: UK, Glides For Chairs And Carpets

Self Adhesive Furniture Glides UK

  1. Rectangular Furniture Gliders, PTFE, 24 X 100 Mm, Self-Adhesive Furniture Gliders: These glides are available in 3 different colors. Self glides are used in metal furniture and furniture which is not moving such as chairs and stools. It is also used on carpets and dull floors and is having a beige color. The dimensions of the glide is 10 x 2.4 x 0.5.
  2. Heavy, Furniture Glider - Furniture Glides - Self-Adhesive: This product gives the protection to the floor for home use, office use as well as in hotels, hospitality, industry etc. It is used for lightweight furniture like parquet floors, laminated floors, marble floors, tiles, natural stone floors, PVC floor coating, vinyl floors, etc.

Self Adhesive Chair Glides & Carpet

  1. Self Adhesive White Chair Glides: It protects the new floor from getting scratches. All chair legs are constructed of metal or plastic which causes scratchiness. Glides protect the base surface.
  2. Self-adhesive Teflon Chair Glides: This type of product can get used at both the places homes as well as offices. It easily sticks to the carpeting, wood floors, ceramic tiles, linoleum and smooth surfaces.

Self Adhesive Furniture Glides For Carpet
Self-Stick Furniture Sliders For Carpet,12PCS 2.5in.Square Self Adhesive Furniture: This product has high-density polyethylene and is used first on the surface that should be clean then the furniture slider will remove all the dirt. It can be fixed under the legs of the furniture to move easily for protecting the floor.
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