Sealing Acrylic Paint On Wood Furniture: Steps

What Are The Major Steps To Sealing Acrylic Paint On Wood Furniture?

Follow the below-given Steps to seal the acrylic paint on wood furniture item:
  1. Firstly clean your wood item with a soft damp cloth to remove all kind of dirt and debris on its surface.
  2. Apply a 2 layer of sealant on the wood furniture item by a paintbrush or by using a sponge and allow it to dry in an open air.
  3. After the sealant apply a thin layer of primer to make the paint stay on the furniture item and allow your item to dry for a couple of hours.
  4. Once the primer is dried completely apply 3 thin layers of water build acrylic sealant over the surface of the item and allow it to dry for near about 3 weeks. During this time do not place any kind of object on your item as it can cause imperfections on their surface.
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