Sanding Old Wood Floors: Steps To Sand Or Refinish Old Wood Floors

Steps To Sand Or Refinish Old Wood Floors

The best procedure to Refinish Or Sand Old Wood Floors is mentioned below:
  1. Repairs: First of all, check for any repairs, like exposed nail heads or deep scratches, etc. Repair all the touch-ups.
  2. Clean: Once the repairing is done then clean the floor. Cleaning is must so that the new finish will adhere to the surface better. Clean all the ordinary dirt, grime, grease, dust, soap film, dusting oils or aerosols, etc.
  3. Commercial Floor Cleaner: Only use the Commercial Floor Cleaner that is designed to dissolve contaminants without harming or dissolving the existing finish. Once the cleaning is done then wipe the floor with the clean cloth and let it dry.
  4. Sanding: Now sand the area with a floor polisher or a large synthetic pad, a hand polisher, synthetic pad, or orbital sander with 180-grit sandpaper, then lightly scuff the area of the existing finish.
  5. Vacuum: Before going for the next step it is very important to vacuum the sanding residue, use the soft bristle attachment for vacuuming. Do not sweep the floor because the dust should not go in the cracks between the floorboards.
  6. Finish: Now, its time to apply the finish of the choice, apply the finish then wait for the finish
    to dry completely.
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