Sanding Hardwood Floors With Palm Sander: Steps To Use Palm Sander For Sanding Process

Steps For Standing Hardwood Floors With Palm Sander

A hardwood floor looks great and also gives the perfect and dashing look to the home floor. The hardwood floor can easily get dirty, scratched or damaged within a short period of time that needs to be repaired or refinished. The main causes of the damaged wood floor are moving heavy and sharp items on the wood floor directly. Hardwood floor gets stains instantly from Tea, coffee, cold drink cans. No need to replace the wood floors as here is an easy and quickest way to give a fresh and new look to the hardwood floor by sanding. Just follow the given steps carefully:
  1. Cover: First cover all the unused areas like vents, light fixtures, and doorways with any type of plastic cover.
  2. Safety Items: Wear goggles, hand gloves, and hearing protection for safe work. The sound of the machine and the small dust particles can harm the eyes and ears.
  3. Clean: Now carefully clean hardwood floor in order to make the surface ready for work. Remove any litter or dust on the floor. The users can also use vacuum cleaner.
  4. Grits: The sanding process will take at least 3 sessions to complete the work. Use small grit sandpaper for the first time and medium grit sandpaper for the second time and large grit sandpaper for the final time.
  5. Palm Sander: Now start sanding with palm sander carefully and sand all the areas including corners of hardwood floor. Sand the wood floor three times.
  6. Wipe: After successfully sanding the floor wipe the dust with a vacuum cleaner or with dry towel.
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