Sanding Floor With Hand Belt Sander: Procedure To Sand

Procedure To Sand Floor With Hand Belt Sander

Belt Sander is used for stripping and sanding the hardwood floors in a quick and effective manner. It has been recommended by the experts to use a hand-held belt sander while sanding the hardwood flooring as it can be moved around the flooring easily. A belt sander comes with a loop of rotating sandpaper that will give effective as well as quick results. The procedure to sand the floor with a hand belt sander is as follows:
  1. Clean The Floor:
    The first step in the process will be to clean all the loose debris from the floor by vacuuming. The loose debris includes small pebbles that can get caught in the sandpaper and scratch the entire flooring. Apart from that, the loose debris will rip the sandpaper more quickly.
  2. Make Necessary Preparation:
    The next step is to make necessary preparations such as loading the sandpaper in the hand belt sander by flipping the release lever on the sander. The sandpaper used is pre-cut as per the size of the rotating rollers. Also, there will be a direction arrow inside the sandpaper to give the user an idea from where the sandpaper paper should be loaded. After that, the user needs to manually spin the roller to tighten and slack the sandpaper and at last, the user needs to release the lever in order to lock the machine. Apart from that, it has been recommended by the experts to wear a dust mask and eye protection during the process.
  3. Sand The Floor:
    After that, the user needs to plug in the hand belt sander and place it above the floor before pressing the on button. The user needs to place his hands on to the back and front handles of the sander and move the machine constantly in the direction of the wood grain. The user needs not to let the belt sander sit at one place as it may cause the dent in the flooring.
  4. Work The Sander:
    It has been recommended by the experts to move the belt sander in back and forth motions that should overlap slightly. The step will ensure that the user is sanding the floor evenly. In order to turn the sander off, the user needs to lift the machine up first and then turn its switch off rather than having the machine in contact with the floor. When the machine is switched off, it slows down that can ruin the sanding process. After finishing the initial sanding process, the user needs to switch to fine grade sandpaper and continue with the sanding process.

It has been recommended by the experts to use rough sandpaper first in order to remove major flaws in the floor and then move towards the higher grade sandpaper.
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