Salvation Army Furniture Pick Up: NJ, NYC, Tampa

The Salvation Army is a donation center who accepts the gently used goods as a donation which later on are sold at their Family Store locations around the country in order to raise funds and then they provide those funds to their Adult Rehabilitation Centers who help the people suffering from various life problems. The goods which they receive as a donation are Furniture, Appliances, Automobiles, Clothing, and various other things.

Who To Contact Regarding Salvation Army Furniture Pick Up In NJ, NYC, Tampa & All other locations?

The donater need to contact on the Salvation Army Furniture Pick Up phone number 1-800-728-7825 and provide them the necessary information so that they will schedule a pick up for him. The average wait time for pickup service is 7-14 days. In the meantime, if the person is willing to drop off the donation by self, he can contact on the above-given number in order to get the details of nearby drop off location.
The donator can also schedule his pickup & drop off through the Salvation Army website where the person needs to put in his Zip Code in the preferred box of pickup or drop off and then click on GO after which he will be required to fill in some steps to get the procedure completed.
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