Salvation Army Furniture Pick Up Adelaide: Brief Overview

Brief Overview

The Salvation Army Furniture Company is a charitable organization in Australia that mainly deals with all kind of donated goods like home furnishing items, appliances, clothing, and accessories. The company sells off these donated items to raise money for those people that are in search of an absolute help like homeless, aged persons, and the victims of physical violation. This company mainly works for building healthy societies.

Donation & Pick-Up In Adelaide

The customers can simply drop off their products at the nearest store of the company in Adelaide. Alternatively, the person can contact the company on the below-mentioned contact details in order to arrange a pick-up service for his product in Adelaide.
Phone Number: (61 3) 8878 4500.
Fax Number: (61 3) 8878 4840.
Email Support:
Corporate Address: The Salvation Army Australia Southern Territory, 95-99 Railway Road Blackburn, Victoria, 3130.
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