Salon Furniture Adelaide: Chairs, Hair, Nail

Hair/ Nail/ Salon Chairs Furniture Adelaide

Here are some of the stores in Adelaide that deals with all kind of salon Chair products:
  1. Space Salon Furniture: They are the leading manufacturer and the supplier of all kind of salon furnishing products and equipment. They offer their products at minimal charges that can fit any one's budget value.

    Phone Number
    +61 8 8363 1131
  2. Comfortel - SA Showroom: They are having a great collection of salon chairs, trolleys, stools and lounges. They will provide you with the best deal possible for your amount.

    Phone Number
    +61 8 7225 8998
  3. National Salon Supplies Norwood: They offer their range of salon furnishing products and equipment at wholesale prices.

    Phone Number
    +61 8 8363 4966
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