Sadolin Garden Furniture: Oil, Stain & Preserver & Golden Oak Protector

Sadolin Garden Furniture Oil

Sadolin Garden Furniture Oil is the superior formulation to keep garden furniture look beautiful for long as the oil helps in preserving the quality and appearance of all types of wooden outdoor furniture. The oil is actually the rich blend of high-quality oils and wax that helps to maintain the appearance of wooden furniture by deeply penetrating into it as well as offers high resistance to the moisture. More information about the oil can be found at Garden furniture Oil page.

Sadolin Garden Furniture Stain & Preserver

Sadolin garden furniture stain & protector or preserver is made in a way that it provides a beautiful finish, and protects garden furniture which in turn looks great for a long period of time. The stain finish is made up of UV-active technology which gives the hard wearing finish to the garden furniture and offers Excellent weather protection. It also Resists algal and mold growth and can be used to All exterior garden furniture. The stain preserver drys quickly within 2 hours.

Sadolin Garden Furniture Stain & Protector Golden Oak

Sadolin garden furniture stain & protector golden oak has combined the polymer technology which gives extreme hardness for a lasting beautiful look and it gives the full protection against the knocks, scuffs, and scratches. It provides full protection against the weather like it Protects exterior woodwork from the sun, rain, and cold. It can be easily recoated after the 4 hours of the first coat under the normal conditions, the coverage depends on the nature of the surface.
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