Rubbing Out Water Based Polyurethane: Steps To Get Rid Of Water Based Finish

How to Get Rid of the Water Based Polyurethane Finish

Here are some of the steps by which the customers can easily get rid of the water-based polyurethane finish:
  1. Use The Sandpaper: The customers need to start by using a 400 grit sandpaper and rubbing it vigorously all over the surface of the Polyurethane finish in order to remove all the dust and the debris particles.
  2. Use The Steel Wool: The customers then need to use the 0000-grade steel wool and add some amount of the paste wax to it. Customers then need to rub the wax loaded steel wool over the entire surface. The wax helps in creating a constant surface.
  3. Rub The Steel Wool: Customers must start rubbing the steel wool over the edges with the small strokes. They then need to refold the steel wool pad and add some more amount of the wax to it in order to rub it over the surface again.
  4. Use The Cold Water: The customers then need to use the paper towels in order to immediately wipe away all the wax from the surface. They then need to examine and if they still find some wax on the surface then they need to sprinkle some amount of the cold water on the wax surface. The customers then need to use another steel wool pad in order to clean up the wax from the surface accordingly. The customers finally need to use a soft cloth to wipe away all the excess water from the surface.
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