Rubber Wood Vs Solid Wood: Brief Overview

Brief Overview

Rubber Wood

Some of the important characteristics of the rubberwood are mentioned below:
  1. Cost: The rubberwood is available in the market at an affordable price as it is a tropical timber.
  2. Weight: It is easy to carry the rubberwood as it is light in weight. Many features of the rubberwood resemble with the teak wood.
  3. Color: The color of the rubberwood is whitish and with time the color of rubberwood fades to light brown.
  4. Grain & Texture: The rubberwood is medium-textured and it has straight grains.
  5. Use: It is most suitable for timber projects and woodworking.
  6. Environment-Friendly: It is considered as environment-friendly and does not release any toxic gas in the environment.

Solid Wood

Solid wood is considered as one of the best material for manufacturing wood furniture products.
  1. Flexible: This type of wood is flexible and can be maintained easily if there occurs any damage.Solid hardwood can be sanded many times.
  2. Classification: Solid wood is classified as hardwood and softwood.
  3. Durable: The solid hardwood is highly durable and it is best to use the solid hardwood in living areas and avoid it from the moisture areas.
  4. Obtained: Hardwood is obtained from oak, walnut, and maple while as the softwood is obtained from the conifers like pine.
  5. Resistant:The hardwood is more resistant to fire and the softwood is less resistant to fire.
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