Rubber Wood Furniture Disadvantages: General Overview, Advantages & Cons

General Overview

Rubberwood furniture is made with trees that produce latex. The wood is mainly used for constructing diverse materials like fiberboard or particleboard. Rubberwood furniture is compatible with a number of finishes and stains and comes in beautiful light blonde to medium tan colour. The wood has similar features like maple and is used to produce ample furniture pieces of different styles and designs.
Does It Makes Quality Furniture?
Rubberwood is mainly used for the construction of smaller furniture pieces rather than larger case goods. It is affordable and strong but is not suitable for fine furniture manufacturing. However, wood attracts termites.

What Are The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Rubber Wood Furniture?


Easy To Work With: The wood is highly flexible and is easy to work with to create different types of furniture. Additionally, all types of paints, stains, and finishes can be applied over it.
Sustainable: The wood offers wonderful endurance and is ideal for making furniture pieces like tables, chairs, etc.
Easy Cleaning: Easy cleaning with normal soap water annually and drying properly will keep the furniture maintained for longer years.
Affordable: A rubberwood furniture is an affordable option compared to other hardwoods.
Stain Resistance: The furniture comes with natural stain resistant capability and is perfect for furnishing playrooms, bedrooms or the living spaces.
Non-Toxic And Fire Resistant: Highly resistant to burning and nontoxic in nature.
Shock Absorbent: Comes with the highest capability of Shock Absorbing.


The main disadvantages of rubberwood furniture are mentioned below:
Change In Structure: The wood dries and results in wraps and change in structure.
Damages Easily: The furniture built up with the rubberwood can get easily damaged if kept in higher temperature.
Prone To Dents: Due to its mild hardness the dents appear on furniture pieces very often.
Latex Allergy: The furniture is not good for individuals with a latex allergy as it may result in the skin reaction.
Chemicals: The wood is chemically treated to prevent the formation of fungal growth.
Slippery: Under wet conditions the wood gets slippery.
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