Round Table Yuba City: Marysville, CA, Reno, Sacramento, CA

Round Table Yuba City Phone Number

Yuba City
+1 530-671-3675.

Marysville, CA
(530) 740-1112

(775) 853-8822

Sacramento, CA
(916) 682-4537

online Payment Options
The online payment option is different for all restaurants, however, the customer can easily check the payment options at the time of checkout.

How Long Does The New Franchisee Evaluation Process Normally Take?
If anyone is interested in roundtable Franchisee then they need to crack the initial phone interview, after the phone interview, the roundtable determines whether to go for application stage or not, the evaluation process usually takes between six and eight weeks.

What Qualifications Are Necessary In Order To Be Considered As A Round Table Franchisee?
There are a number of factors that Round Table takes into consideration for giving the Franchisee like for example Financial qualifications, Business acumen, and financial management skills, Demonstrated ability to motivate and lead people, Customer service skills.
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