Robert Adam Furniture: Chairs

Robert Adam was a neoclassical architect, he was also an interior designer and furniture designer. He crafted the furniture products by using beech wood, walnut, pine wood and is having the anthemion design. These products are having a golden finish and rustic finishes. He also crafted the Neoclassical Table that is made of pine and beech wood and is having painted finishes. He also crafted Neoclassical Mirror that is made of carved pine and is having the white finish. He also creates walnut chairs and is having a golden finish. The chairs are oval shaped designs and are having low back for extra comfort.

Robert Adam Chairs

Here are some of the examples of the chairs from the Robert Adam Collection:
Robert Adam Armchair: The frame of this product is constructed of beech wood and walnut and is having a golden finish. The upholstery of this item is composed of scarlet damask. The legs of this chair are having the rubber caster by which this item can be moved easily.
Robert Adam Neoclassical Hall Chairs: This item is constructed of mahogany wood and is having a deep rustic finish. This product is having an oval back and is having a fan-shaped design embedded in it.
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